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Automotive Ethernet Extreme Networking Switch

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Automotive Ethernet Extreme Networking Switch

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Scalable and stackable system for multiple automotive ethernet switches.


Several Enhanced Ethernet Switches can be stacked to provide up to 176 × 1000BASE-T1 ports or 132 × 100BASE-T1 ports in a switch-based environment. This means up to 22 Enhanced Ethernet Switches are possible in this system. The system can be used as a central switch for multiple Automotive Ethernet-enabled devices. It enables the user to establish and execute all the features provided by our Enhanced Ethernet Switches individually. This includes VLANs, Port mirroring, Time synchronization, etc.


● Easy install/remove new boards
● Easy configuration via webserver and remote configuration messages
● Import and export configurations
● Wake up / sleep functionality
● Possibility to reset to default settings by push button
● Time synchronization: 802.1AS automotive profile (gPTP) support
● Individual use cases for the following TSN functionalities as on-demand support: 802.1Qav, Qci, Qbv, Qbu (check with our Technical Sales Team)

Technical data

● Up to 22 × EES Boards
● 10Gbps Uplink ports
● Extended voltage range: 12-to-24-volt automotive battery voltage systems compatible
● Extended operating temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC
● 19-inch rack
● 5 Unit Rack (for EES)
● 6 Unit Rack (for MediaGateway)

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