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MATEnet connecting cable 2 ports, 2 m

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MATEnet connecting cable 2 ports, 2 m


MATEnet Automotive Ethernet cable to connect two systems with 100/1000BASE-T1 technology.


The MATEnet connecting cable with 2 meters length has two Frame connectors with two MATEnet ports on each side. It is a standard cable used to connect measurement equipment with Automotive ECUs. The connectors on each side of this cable are equipped with two MATEnet ports, as this cable is especially offered for the use with our Capture Module 1000 High. We offer a variant (PRO-1041) of this cable with one port additionally (MATEnet connecting cable 1 port, 2m).

The minimum order quantity for this product is five pieces, unless it is ordered together with other non-accessory products (i.e. MediaConverters, Capture Modules, Switch-based products).

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