Off-the shelf products

In addition to consultancy services, Techteal offer you the best and cost-efficient devices and tools available in the market.


Our key partners Technica Engineering and Spirent provides state-of-the-art off-the-shelf products so you can start your journey on building your special solution.

Active TAPs

Active TAP products are replaced by Capture Modules

Conformance Tests

Conformance to IVN and V2X standards and interoperability


100Base-T1 & 1000Base-T1 converters between TX and T1

Performance Tests

Performance testing of IVN and V2X traffic under real world conditions


Automotive-grade switch based devices with multiple usage

Automotive Diagnosis

Simple easy-to-use test, evaluation and simulation software

Capture Modules

Most advanced next generation devices to capture CAN, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet with common timestamps

Test Benches



Highly scalable HIL test systems for automated validation of ECUs


Active TAPs

For in-depth network traffic monitoring you can simultaneously capture CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet with a common timestamp.


These products are replaced by Capture Modules (March 2020) but do revert for questions about them.​

Active TAP use case
100BASE-T1 SPY 12 Port

100BASE-T1 SPY 12 Port

The 100BASE-T1 SPY 12 port is a highly specialized test and evaluation tool for seamless capture of multiple in-vehicle-network technologies. It provides common timestamping of all incoming messages and delivers the traffic via Standard Gigabit Ethernet.

All the12 x 100BASE-T1 ports are enabled to capture AVB/TSN traffic, since the latency is symmetrical and deterministic.


Several devices can be synchronized with each other using RJ-45 cables via an internal 802.1AS implementation if more interfaces are needed.

Optionally other Use Cases are it can act as Frame Generator, Fault Injection, Data Manipulation, Trigger Generator can be upgraded.

1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini

1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini

The 1000BASE-T1 SPY mini is the first device to allow the direct capture of 1000BASE-T1 (Automotive Gigabit Ethernet) traffic with optional time-stamping with 40 ns resolution to Standard Gigabit Ethernet.

A clock synchronization with the 100BASE-T1 SPY 12 port is provided via internal 802.1AS implementation.


In logging mode the data Frames can be enhanced with additional information that the exact timestamp with 0.04 µs resolution and the bus port the data was originally received on. All data can be recorded on a PC or data logger for detailed offline analysis.


Different SPY modes are allowed:​

  1. Copying each direction of 1000BASE-T1 Traffic to one independent RJ45 interface, or

  2. Allowing copy of both directions of 1000BASE-T1 Traffic to only one RJ45 interface, assuming less than 500Mbps traffic bandwidth in each direction, or

  3. Use as Dual Media Converter.



Simple- point-to-point conversion between PC/Test System and the DUT (Device Under Test) or ECU under development.



Converts IEEE 100BASE-T1 100 MBit/s Fullduplex 1 x Twisted Pair unshielded to Fast Ethernet 100BASETX Fullduplex 2 x Twisted Pair shielded or unshielded
Broadcom 100BASE-T1 Technology.


Based on Broadcom 100BASE-T1 Technology (BCM89810 Phy).



Converts Broadcom 100BASE-T1 100 MBit/s full duplex 1x unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to USB-LAN. Windows and Linux drivers available.


It uses the widely used micro-USB and one Broadcom BCM 89811 Phy.



The 100BASE-T1 SFP Module is the optimum solution to convert between 100BASE-T1 and SGMII. It fits into a standard Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) and generates 100 Mbit/s full-duplex 100BASE-T1.



Converts IEEE 100BASE-T1 100 MBit/s Fullduplex 1 x Twisted Pair unshielded to Fast Ethernet 100BASETX Fullduplex 2 x Twisted Pair shielded or unshielded
Broadcom 100BASE-T1 Technology.


Based on NXP 100BASE-T1 Technology (uses the NXP TJA1100_MRA4 Phy).



Converts IEEE 1000BASE-T1 (1000 MBit/s full duplex) 1x unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T or optical Ethernet).

The 1000BASE-T1 EMC Converter is especially designed for measurements within the EMC chamber.


It is the ideal solution for working quickly and efficiently with the new 1000BASE-T1 technology, and it is the ideal device to perform EMC test through the optical interface.



The 1000BASE-T1 SFP Module is the cutting-edge solution to convert between 1000BASE-T1 and SGMII. It fits into a standard Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) and generates 1000 Mbit/s full-duplex.



Converts IEEE 1000BASE-T1 (1000 MBit/s full duplex) 1x unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T).


It uses the Marvell 88Q2112 Phy.



Converts 100BASE-T1 (a.k.a Broadcom BroadR-Reach) 100 MBit/s full duplex 1 x twisted pair unshielded to optical fiber and back to 100BASE-T1.

100BASE-T1 MEDIACONVERTER_EMC SET is the first commercial tool for EMC validation of 100BASE-T1 ECU’s.


It works in a pair-set, converting 100BASE-T1 to optical fiber and back to 100BASE-T1 and is specially designed to emit below the industry’s EMI standard requirements.



Automotive-grade components for use with highest flexibility for logging and multi-directional traffic routing with gateway functions for CAN/CAN-FD, FlexRay and LIN.

Simple automotive use case with a Ethernet switch


The MediaGateway is the most widely used development and testing tool for on-board vehicle networks using 100BASE-T1. It’s in-built automotive switches and 12 x 100BASE-T1 ports enable both capture of traffic between devices while maintaining the normal communication, as well as interaction with such devices via your test set-up.

It supports single and double tagging of VLANs, Mirroring, Forwarding and more.

MediaGateway is excellently suitable for subsystem testing stations and can also be installed in a test vehicle without complications. It is configured conveniently via a web browser.



​The Universal EMC Device is a revolutionary testing equipment which can perform data logging and traffic generation under high electromagnetic radiations and without influencing your measurements.


Universal EMC Device is an ideal tool for testing the performance of newly developed devices under tough environmental conditions. With only one Fiber optic Ethernet connection, you will have access to all the automotive buses (LIN, CAN/CAN-FD, 100BASE-T1 and FlexRay). The device will automatically take care of the conversion between Gigabit Ethernet and the automotive standard buses, bidirectionally.

All these functions can be simply configured using the integrated website.


Capture Modules

Based on Technica's existing SPY technology, these Capture Modules are a new generation of testing tool. The Capture Modules are using the most advanced AD and V2X traffic tapping technology and solve the key challenges of today’s Automotive network traffic data logging and recording.

All captured data is transferred via standard Ethernet network (Ethernet MAC frames on Layer 2) to a standard PC or a dedicated logger, if available. Complete solutions are already working on prototype test vehicles, both at OEMs and at Tier 1s.

A very flexible solution that captures all your data regardless of type (CAN, CAN-FD, Flexray, LIN, Ethernet 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1), also compatible with AVB/TSN.  It covers many use-cases without the need of a logger but, if available, you can reduce the number of uploaded links to the logger via “cascading” data to any combination of devices. If Capture Module 1000 High is present there's a 10 Gbit uplink.

Capture Modules from Technica
TE-1170 Capture Module LIN Combo
TE-1171 Capture Module CAN Combo
TE-1175 Capture Module Ethernet Combo
TE-1173 Capture Module 100 High
TE-1176 Capture Module 1000 High

Conformance and Performance Tests

Techteal collaborate closely with Spirent and their Automotive Business Unit in Germany. The test solutions help verify that automotive networking and communication systems perform as intended.


Wide range of off-the shelf solutions for network, connectivity, and wireless/RF testing ensuring new systems conform to regulations, meet customer expectations, and deliver market-leading performance, supporting the entire development process, from R&D to production testing.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Automotive Ethernet Testing

    • 100/1000Base-T1 & 10/100/1000Base-T

    • MultiGig Copper/Fiber & 10G (SFP+)

    • AUTOSAR conformance

    • OPEN Alliance SIG conformance (TC8, TC11).

  • AVB/TSN Compliance and Performance Testing

    • To ensure that in-vehicle data services are delivered reliably and securely, you can verify all requirements for latency, synchronization, availability, and QoS

      • See use case in picture right below.

  • V2X Testing

    • V2X emulation

    • ITS-G5 and WAVE-DSRC conformance

    • C-V2X conformance.

TSN Use Case
Automotive ComTT

Automotive ComTT

First Universal Tester for In-Vehicle Communication


Spirent Automotive ComTT is the very first universal platform for conformance and performance testing in one solution. It combines different physical layer technologies on the hardware side with industry-proven software tools for full simulation and emulation of in-vehicle network communication.

Perfect for next-generation network and infrastructure testing. It's supports a broad array of network emulated protocols (10/100/1000 Ethernet, CAN, CAN-FD, and LIN) and it improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks to expand test coverage. It also reduces test time and cost with real-time answers and not just results. It emulates complex network topologies and traffic conditions and help you quickly identify problem areas with intelligent results.

Various optional software are available to support your specific use-case, such as OPEN SIG TC8 Package, AUTOSAR Package, Switch/Network benchmarking (RFC2544 & RFC2889), ECU functional testing, data logging & analysis and TSN & Avnu test packages.



The Reliable Test Automation Platform

Build, Execute and Analyze Complex Test Scenarios Quickly and Easily


TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment (IDE) for any kind of test automation project. This powerful, user-friendly tool allows you to test software products and services regardless of technology, operating system, or implementation domain.
Developing scalable tests has never been easier. Choose from a variety of already existing plugins and test solutions available for TTworkbench, or start your test automation project from scratch.


Automotive IVN Diagnosis

The Automotive Network Diagnoser (ANDi) from Technica is often called "Wireshark for Automotive". ANDi is a simple-to-use test and simulation software environment for Ethernet Electronic Control Units (ECUs) 100/1000BASE-T1 and also for the CAN/CAN-FD, LIN and FlexRay bus systems. 

  • The most powerful network protocol analyzer for test and simulation of Automotive Ethernet

  • Must-have tool when entering into the new service oriented domain

  • Used by Automotive experts since 2008 in real automotive usage with SOP 2013

The ANDi environment supports developers with the validation of their ECU functions by means of generated Residual bus (Restbus) simulations and intelligent message generators. It is the very first evaluation tool for the SOME/IP protocols.

Visualization and validation of Fibex and ARXML automotive databases are possible via the user-friendly ADELa (Automotive Database Edition and Layout) software. 



ANDi is a test and simulation environment for Ethernet electronic control units (100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1) and also for the CAN/CAN-FD, LIN and FlexRay bus systems.

The ANDi environment supports electronic control unit developers with the validation of their ECU functions by means of generated residual bus simulations and intelligent message generators. A traffic viewer with signal graph display and seamless support of automotive databases (Fibex, ARXML, DBC, LDF) make it ultimately flexible and practical.

Through the support of Technica Engineering and other hardware, as well as .net extensions, ANDi can be used as a powerful tool for complex ECU test and test automation.



ADELa is an automotive database edition tool that provides visulatization and validation features of Fibex and ARXML automotive databases, primatily for Automotive Ethernet but also for CAN.

The databases can then be used as soucers of residual bus simutations (RBS) or message generation and parsing in ANDi.


The tool is able to create and edit XML based data catalogues and definitions such as ASAM Fibex 4.1.1, CAN XML,ARXML and enhances the usage of this file formats by adding:

  • The opening of several database projects at the same time and visually compare them.

  • Background and on-demand validation of database contents and structure based on XSD and custom validation rules.

  • Copy and paste of nodes from one database to another open one, the tool verifies the user only copies into valid parent nodes. 

  • Export of the database into a user-friendly PDF report.

  • Addition of new nodes directly or with Wizards.

  • Validation and visualization of XML source code for each selected node.

Customizable user interface by selecting between novice and expert view.


Test Benches

With the Technica Test Benches, you have a proven technology that has been successfully used in the development and validation of ECUs.

You can configure it according to your requirements and it possesses all common hardware interfaces and systems from your specific electronics environment. The test bench is above all characterized by the fact that real loads can be realized.

Up to 32 basic cards can be operated in parallel, thus making it possible to simulate up to 448 channels at the maximum capacity level.

Our main experience are in Body control and ADAS functions, but do not hesitate to contact us for other domains or functions.

Body Control Test Bench from Technica
Automotive Ethernet IEEE 100Base-T1 from Technica test rig
BTA back plane

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1000BASE-T1 SPY Mini

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