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Enhanced Ethernet Switch RJ-45

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Enhanced Ethernet Switch RJ-45


Automotive Ethernet gigabit AVB switch for testing and analyzing onboard vehicle networks.


The Enhanced Ethernet Switch (EES) RJ-45 from Technica Engineering is an Automotive Ethernet switch with strong AVB/TSN capabilities that allows the users to connect up to 8x gigabit ethernet ports and 2x 1Gb/10Gb ports available through SFP+ connectors. It is the successor of the Technica MediaGateway.

It can establish virtual point-to-point connections, using single-tagged VLANs (802.1q) and double-tagged VLANs (802.1q-in-q), thus enabling filter and control over data streams. Each port provides 8-levels of Quality of Services (QoS) classes and advanced traffic filtering capabilities with ingress and egress rules, which ensures the prioritization, resource reservation, and control mechanisms over the data received.

Through an internal configuration website, the user can easily configure the device for their use cases, abstracting the complex underlying switch hardware. This includes VLANs, port mirroring, forwarding or filtering, deep inspection through TCAM rules, port segmentation, and many other features offered by Layer 2 switches.

The Enhanced Ethernet Switch provides a reliable gPTP/802.1AS automotive profile stack for time synchronization that allows strong customization possibilities to adapt to any customer use case. Our product is also capable of Audio Video Bridging (AVB) functions with the possibility to statically configure stream reservation and shaping features (802.1Qav).

The Enhanced Ethernet Switch is also prepared for additional TSN functionalities support: 802.1Qav, Qci, Qbv, and Qbu. Customer-specific use cases can be supported if needed. Contact the Technica Engineering sales team for additional information.

The product also provides wake-up and sleep features.

Via the configuration website, the Marvell 88Q2112 A2 PHY's “IEEE mode”, as well as the “Legacy mode” are supported by the EES. For a detailed technical description, please check the User Manual of the Enhanced Ethernet Switch.


● Easy configuration via webserver and remote configuration messages
● Import and export configurations
● Single/Double VLANs
● Port Mirroring
● Port Segmentation
● Wake-up/Sleep functionality
● Possibility to reset to default settings by push button
● Network Time Synchronization: the support of several standards (ANVU gPTP / 802.1AS, PTPv2) allows the user time synchronization to adapt to any use case
● Dual speed capable (both 100- and 1000BASE-T)
● Bandwidth Reservation
● Ingress Rate Limiter
● Advanced data Filtering tables
● Supports Jumbo frames
● Individual use cases for the following TSN functionalities: 802.1Qav, Qci, Qbv, Qbu (check with our Technical Sales Team)

Technical data

● 8× RJ-45 ports for 100/1000BASE-T Standard Ethernet
● 1× MQS connector
● 2× SFP(+) Ports for Logging data output (up to 10Gbps each)
● 1× 100BASE-TX Standard Ethernet Port with Host for configuration
● 22× Status LEDs (16 of them at the RJ-45 ports)
● Extended voltage range: 12 to 24 Volt Automotive battery voltage systems compatible
● Power consumption: 8 to 14 Watt
● Extended operating temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC
● Robust steel case
● Size 164 × 120 × 35 mm

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